Why the reason to win the game is to be free of it.

Gordon Gecko, the infamous trader played by Michael Douglas in 1987’s Wall Street, told us that greed is good. He was the embodiment of subservience to capitalism and the holy dollar.

In the 34 years since we’ve seen capitalism and materialism continue to flourish, but we also bore witness to a growing chorus of cries to the contrary, manifest in movements like Occupy Wall Street.

Ever since the industrial revolution transformed our world, arguments for and against the ruling economic system have been made.

Karl Marx, the German economist, was and remains the most celebrated critic of capitalism. He felt…

80% of Americans are stressed at work — here’s how you can regain control.

It’s probably not surprising to read that workplace stress permeates offices all over the developed world, with up to 80% of Americans experiencing stress at work.

But, what is stress?

The American Psychological Association posits three types of stress:

  • Acute: the most common, infrequently occurring, and briefest form of stress, often caused by reactive thinking, but almost essential to deep, focused work
  • Episodic acute: frequent, acute stress, experienced by Type-A personalities with an appetite for control, and perennial worriers
  • Chronic: the most harmful type of stress…

The immediate benefits of breathwork and meditation to your focus and attention at work.

It can be almost impossible to do deep focused work, and stay there, if you are feeling anxious, irritable, or have a thousand thoughts permeating your mind. The physiological lifespan of an emotion is actually just 90 seconds, but we tend to ruminate and hold on to the emotion and the thoughts it triggers for hours.

Aside from movement, sunlight, and other interventions, breathwork offers us a fast-track to getting past these debilitating emotions and thoughts, and restoring calm to the body and mind.


Numerous studies vouch for the role that deep and slow breathing can play in changing our…

The science on bonding, and how it helps you stay calm and focused in the office.

“You might think you’re pretty healthy, drinking a green smoothie on your own, but two blokes sharing a beer at the bar might actually be healthier than you in that moment”.

These are the words of Kale Brock, producer of The Longevity Film, which took him to several ‘blue zones’ around the world to discover why people in these communities were living, on average, about ten years longer than the rest of us.

Community was one of the four factors he identified (the others were attitude, nutrition, and movement), and it turns out that there is more to this than…

Working from home is great — unless you find yourself sedentary all day.

Most things in life are give and take, push and pull, pro and con.

Working from home might be about as convenient as it gets — from a distance to work perspective, anyway — but it comes with myriad social costs, productivity costs, emotional costs, and for some, health costs.

Reducing one’s commute from the bedroom to the study might sound good on paper, but we can not only find ourselves with a few extra kilos added to our waistlines, but our productivity and emotional wellbeing can suffer big time.

How Movement Plays in the Mind

A large body of scientific evidence shows a strong link…

Nutrition tips for the office.

You’ve probably had your fair share of carby lunches. You head out with some colleagues, order the burger and fries with a side of Coke or even, a pint of beer, and after an hour (or two), you make your way back to your desk for the afternoon shift.

Only, your body might be present but your mind is in hibernation.

The Science on How Sleep Helps Us Perform at Work

Forget activated turmeric. Sleep is mother nature’s ultimate biohack, and it’s freely available to all of us.

Sleep is the foundation upon which all of mental and physical performance rests. But the majority of us aren’t getting enough of it, and our focus, creativity, and personal relationships suffer as a result.

The wellness industry is worth US$4.2 trillion. It can be overwhelming deciding what to eat (or not eat), what kind of exercise to do, and which meditation app you should be using.

But if you only have the time or inclination to get just one thing right, optimizing your…

How to define and align your values with work

Whatever you think about Ayn Rand, it’s hard to argue with her idea that happiness is living in alignment with our values.

She wrote:

achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.

I Did It My Way

Values relate to our core beliefs about life and ultimately act as internal measures about how our life is going, and whether we need to take corrective action.

When we’re not living…

Strengths-Aligned People are 6X More Engaged at Work

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketballer of all time.

But despite his success on the court, he had remained passionate about baseball his entire life and was motivated to pursue the sport after the murder of his baseball-loving late dad, James Jordan, in July of 1993.

Jordan first retired from basketball in October of 1993, shortly after closing out a three-peat with the Chicago Bulls against my beloved Phoenix Suns.

He went on to play baseball in the minor leagues for the Birmingham Bruins, the Chicago White Sox’s affiliate, where his batting average was .202, batted in 51 runs…

There are two types of passion, and while one can lead to success and happiness, the other can lead to the very opposite.

Follow your passion.

Do what you love.

If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.

These are the catch cries of the cult of passion.

It stands to reason that if you are passionate about what you do, you’re likely to wake up with a spring in your step and invest a high amount of energy and enthusiasm into your work.

But what if you’re passionate about sneakers, or early 90s NBA trading cards? Sure, you still might be able to cultivate a living in or around this space, but your chances are going…

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