Why External Success Didn’t Buy Me Happiness —but the freedom to find it.

Why I had to look within to find inner peace and happiness.

My Story

Seeking Validation

External Validation is Fleeting

Searching for the Truth

So What Did I learn?

1. Surrender to negative emotions.

2. Love yourself unconditionally.

3. Choose compassion over judgment.

4. Choose gratitude and forgiveness over anger.

5. Look for the positive.

6. Commit 100% or quit.

7. Don’t be passive, be active in a positive way.

8. You can’t truly love someone unless you love yourself first.

9. Don’t identify with thoughts and feelings.

10. Love beats fear.

11. Tame your magpies.

12. The humble can’t be humbled.

13. Stop comparing yourself and your situation with others.

14. You are responsible for your own happiness.

15. Commit daily to being at peace.

16. Accept ‘what is’ instead of perpetually seeking what ‘should be’.

17. Let go of attachment to desire.

18. Optimise for private wins over public wins.

19. Pursue people, work, and ideas that align with your true self.

20. Embrace oneness.

21. Nothing is good nor bad. It just is.

Final Thoughts

Founder: Collective Campus, Host: Future Squared, Author: Time Rich & Employee to Entrepreneur. Clubhouse: @steveglaveski Visit: steveglaveski.com #MELB

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