How to Record on Clubhouse App

Clubhouse currently doesn’t offer any in-app recording capabilities.

While this might be a deliberate move by its creators to both increase the FOMO when it comes to conversations, and give participants the freedom to speak freely, it can be a bugbear for both hosts and participants alike — especially those that would rather tap into a larger audience than the 5,000 users that rooms are currently capped to.

But just because Clubhouse doesn’t record conversations, it doesn’t mean that you can’t.

But wait, before you run off to record and re-post your event’s conversations, make sure that participants are aware of this. Typically, you can signal this by appending a ‘🔴 recording’ note to your room or event’s title.

Once you’ve done that, simply use the iPhone’s built-in sound recorder.


Step 3: Make sure your microphone is off

Unless you want to capture your contributions to a Clubhouse conversation, swipe up, hold down the Screen Recording button for about 2 to 3 seconds, and toggle the microphone off.


That’s it!

Steve Glaveski is the co-founder of Collective Campus, author of Time Rich, Employee to Entrepreneur and host of the Future Squared podcast. He’s a chronic autodidact, and he’s into everything from 80s metal and high-intensity workouts to attempting to surf and do standup comedy.

Founder: Collective Campus, Host: Future Squared, Author: Time Rich & Employee to Entrepreneur. Clubhouse: @steveglaveski Visit: #MELB

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