How to Beat Information Overload

Five Steps to Finding the Signal in the Noise

Finding the Signal in the Noise

Here’s how you can cut through the noise and find the proverbial signal.

Step 1: Define Your Objectives

What are your goals?

Step 2: Identify Believable People

If it’s financial success, shortlist a number of people that have attained the kind of wealth that you too are aspiring to.

Step 3: What Do They All Recommend?

A quick search for ‘Warren Buffet’s favourite finance books’ reveals this article, and Benjamin Graham’s classic The Intelligent Investor, a book Buffet picked up when was just 19.

Step 4: Consume Content Recommended by All

If it becomes apparent that the book or material doesn’t apply to your unique circumstances, know when to fold em and move on to other material.

Step 5: Extract, Test, Apply, Discard

Just because it worked for someone else, it doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you. Everybody’s circumstances are different, and a book that was written in the 1940s may no longer be relevant today.

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