How I Evaluate Business Ideas So I Can Make More and Work Less

What I’ve Learned After 7 Years as an Entrepreneur

1. You Enjoy It

2. You’re Good At it

3. There’s an Engaged Niche Audience

4. It Makes Enough Money / Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) is Sufficient

5. It Can be Highly Automated and Delegated

6. Offers 50% Margins

7. Large Lifetime Customer Value (LTV) / e.g. B2B customers

8. Budget Exists

9. Aligns With Your Existing Knowledge and Assets

10. You Believe In It

11. You Can Perform Targeted and Personalised Marketing at Scale

12. You Can Use Content to Build Your Funnel

13. It Can Be Tested, Built, and Modified Quickly

14. Your Share of the Market is Defensible

Founder: Collective Campus, Host: Future Squared, Author: Time Rich & Employee to Entrepreneur. Clubhouse: @steveglaveski Visit: #MELB

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