My love affair with Clubhouse — the new drop-in audio social media network, ended like many of my past relationships.

There was the initial excitement and flurry of activity.

I spent several hours a day on the app, in lieu of listening to podcasts.

I hosted rooms with bestselling authors such as Nir Eyal and Alex Osterwalder.

I was a guest speaker in rooms hosted by SXSW.

And of course, I serendipitously bounced in and out of rooms that seemed ‘interesting’ to me… rooms that I wouldn’t ever have searched for and paved the way to broaden my worldview.


Physical, Digital, and Biological Environment Hacks to Get the Best Out of Yourself

When it comes to getting the best out of ourselves, and staying focused for longer at work, we can only rely on willpower and intrinsic motivation so much.

Willpower is finite and gets depleted over the course of a day.

Motivation comes and goes. Some days we have it, other days we don’t.

How can we succeed without being overly dependent on these fickle drivers of performance?

We can practice environment design.

We might want to stop eating that bag of Dorito’s whilst we’re watching Netflix late at night, but with our willpower depleted, and our motivation to eat salty…

We’re distracted.

The typical person switches screens once every 40 seconds in an eight-hour workday. And this costs us big time when it comes to our productivity.

But most of the time when we’re switching screens, big tech isn’t to blame.

We are.

Our internal discomforts — anxiety, stress, loneliness, boredom — drive our desire for a momentary reprieve by way of checking Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, pursuing Inbox Zero, or responding to messages on LinkedIn.

However, we can get on top of these internal distractions simple — or not so simply for some — by becoming more self-aware.

Becoming Aware of Our Best Work Rhythm


What’s the number one thing holding your productivity back?


It turns out that people switch screens once every 40 seconds in a typical workday.

But when we switch screens, we suffer a cognitive switching penalty.

It takes us out of flow — where we do our best work — and it takes us about 23 minutes to get back into the zone afterward.

Not only that but switching all day can leave us utterly exhausted with very little to show for it.

But before you start blaming big tech for hijacking your attention, it’s important that we first look…

When were you last bored?

Chances are as soon as boredom reared its head, you reached for your smartphone.

Within seconds you’re watching engaging YouTube videos, chatting with friends on WhatsApp, secretly admiring booty or ab selfies on Instagram (not judging), or listening in on Clubhouse chats.

But with this involuntary reaction to reach for your smartphone, your tolerance for boredom — and your ability to sit still and do nothing — is diminished.

Whilst curing humanity of the boredom problem might sound like a good thing in the short term, the higher-order consequences are not so good.

We lose…

Forget Productivity Hacks — this is what really matters.

When we talk of productivity, we typically speak only of tactics and tools.

  • Use a Pomodoro timer.
  • Use the Freedom app to block time-wasting websites.
  • Take some Lion’s Mane to help you focus.
  • Use binaural beats to help you get into the flow state.

But whilst these all add value — they are akin to icing on the proverbial cake.

And they are unlikely to deliver sustained, high performance if you’re missing some key ingredients.

These ingredients? Values alignment, strengths alignment, passion, and incentives (or VIPS if you want a memorable mnemonic).


As Naval Ravikant put it, “tension is who…

A short note on parent-child, and manager-subordinate relationships.

I remember being seven years old and watching my dad working on his 1971 Ford Falcon.

I asked him to help but was brushed aside as being too small.

A few years later, in my early teens, he let me contribute — or at least try to.

But after making a couple of rookie mistakes, he lost his patience and nerve with me, assumed control, and I became a spectator —not really learning in the process.

Unfortunately, this characterized my relationship with my dad to the point where I just stopped asking to help because I didn’t want to cop…

Seven ways to get over microphone shyness

Our fear of public speaking is grounded in our evolutionary roots.

We are terrified of being ostracized from our tribes because this would have meant imminent death when we were evading predators and starvation on the African savannah tens of thousands of years ago.

This is why we might feel our palms get sweaty, our stomachs churn and our heart rate elevate prior to a public speaking engagement. We might have hundreds of eyes staring at us, and we want nothing more than their approval. …

Clubhouse currently doesn’t offer any in-app recording capabilities.

While this might be a deliberate move by its creators to both increase the FOMO when it comes to conversations, and give participants the freedom to speak freely, it can be a bugbear for both hosts and participants alike — especially those that would rather tap into a larger audience than the 5,000 users that rooms are currently capped to.

But just because Clubhouse doesn’t record conversations, it doesn’t mean that you can’t.

But wait, before you run off to record and re-post your event’s conversations, make sure that participants are aware…

Will Clubhouse help stem the tide of political polarization?

Clubhouse is the latest social media app to take the world by storm.

The invite-only drop-in audio platform, backed by VC firm Andreesen Horowitz, now has more than 2 million people using it each week and is valued at over US$1 billion.

The platform received a huge push last week when Elon Musk was joined by embattled Robinhood CEO, Vlad Tenev, and proceeded to grill Tenev about the GameStop saga for a full 15 minutes.

A hit with celebrities and thought leaders, you might find the likes of Marc Andreesen, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Eric Weinstein, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Jared Leto hosting or speaking at a session at any given time.

While social…

Steve Glaveski

Founder: Collective Campus, Host: Future Squared, Author: Time Rich & Employee to Entrepreneur. Clubhouse: @steveglaveski Visit: #MELB

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