6 Ways to Reinvest Office Space Savings into Your People

Remote Workers Shouldn’t Miss Out on Office Perks

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Reinvest Office Savings into People

Rather than account for said savings in profit, or reinvest it into product or marketing, management should reallocate some or all of the savings into their people.

1. Care Packages

Care packages can boost morale and alleviate stress, and they’re something that both your people and their family or housemates can enjoy as well.

2. Home office equipment

While it might be tempting to simply flip open your laptop on the kitchen table, and get to work, we’re not doing our bodies, or our minds any favours.

3. Food and drink budget

It doesn’t need to be a lot, but something like US$20-$40 a week for coffee and snacks — the same kinds of snacks that employees can readily enjoy in the office — can go a long way.

4. Fitness memberships

Forget in house yoga and masseuses — let your people go to the gym when and where it suits them.

5. Event budget

This is especially true if you’re scrapping the central office altogether. Giving people an event budget to attend local meetups and the like ensures that they can continue to connect with others and learn, something of upmost importance for your more extroverted employees.

6. Coworking access

Further to the previous point, if your people want the option of working from a central office for a couple of days a week, but you’re not keen on keeping the office, then you can rent access to a coworking space for a fraction of a dedicated office lease.

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