40 Bullshit Excuses You Tell Yourself

Mugsby Bogues was 5'3… that didn’t stop him from playing in the NBA for 14 years.

othing fancy here… just a list of 40 BULLSHIT EXCUSES that you’re probably telling yourself (and that I’ve previously told myself) getting between you and your best life.

1. I’m too busy / I don’t have the time
2. It’s just not me / I’m not capable
3. It’s who you know (and I don’t know the right people)
4. I’m too old / it’s too late / I should have started earlier
5. I’m just not lucky (so I may…



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Steve Glaveski

CEO of Collective Campus. HBR writer. Author of Time Rich, and Employee to Entrepreneur. Host of Future Squared podcast. Occasional surfer.