10 Times I’ve Failed Miserably Before Succeeding

A revealing peek into lessons learned from life’s many failures.

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I’ve seen this one too many times.

1. Fired. (2007)

As I wrote in this post, getting fired from my first ‘real job’ when I was just 23 was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

2. Rejected From All ‘Big Four’ Accounting Firms (2008)

Having completed my degree, I was thinking big, and so I sought to make it to the upper echelons of the accounting world — the ‘hallowed halls’ of a big four firm like EY, KPMG, Deloitte or PwC. This desire was driven by wanting to conform to society’s conventions of what success looked like more than anything else.

3. Ignored by the Media (2013)

After five more years in various corporate roles, I decided to scratch an entrepreneurial itch and started a side-hustle called Hotdesk — an ‘Airbnb for office space’ if you will.

4. Empty Classrooms (2015)

During the early days of Collective Campus, we’d run free one-hour workshops that we’d promote on Eventbrite. We’d get 50 or so RSVPs, but without fail (or with fail, depending on how you look at it!), we would rarely get more than 5 people turning up to those first few sessions.

5. NOT Nailing Keynote Talks (2016)

You think you’re ready to nail a keynote talk when you practice in the mirror, until you’re on stage in front of over 100 people, your throat dries up, your palms are sweaty and you’re noticing raised eyebrows in the audience.

Finally nailing it… or at least…not sucking.

6. Rejected by Book Publishers & Literary Agents (2018)

Our marketing strategy at Collective Campus is content-centric — articles, podcasts and ebooks mostly.

7. Turned Down by HBR (2018)

Harvard Business Review represents what is perhaps the pinnacle for business writers, and a great platform to build one’s personal brand and the brand of one’s business.

8. Catching My First Wave (2018)

Being an Aussie, you might think I grew up with a surfboard under my arm. But alas, I grew up in the working-class western suburbs of Melbourne, a good one-hour drive from the closest surf beach, with a soccer ball at my feet instead.

9. Bombing On Stage (2019)

As I wrote previously, I like to cultivate adversity in my life because it better prepares me for reality, and to deal with the inevitable hardship that comes our way.

10. Tanking on Medium (2020)

Finally, and perhaps a fitting place to end this, my Medium articles. As I wrote in What Beethoven Teaches Us About Trending on Medium, I’ve failed an order of magnitude more times than I’ve succeeded on Medium, at least when it comes to viewer and readership of my articles.

Founder: Collective Campus, Host: Future Squared, Author: Time Rich & Employee to Entrepreneur. Clubhouse: @steveglaveski Visit: steveglaveski.com #MELB

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