10 Times I’ve Failed Miserably Before Succeeding

A revealing peek into lessons learned from life’s many failures.

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I’ve seen this one too many times.

1. Fired. (2007)

2. Rejected From All ‘Big Four’ Accounting Firms (2008)

3. Ignored by the Media (2013)

4. Empty Classrooms (2015)

5. NOT Nailing Keynote Talks (2016)

Finally nailing it… or at least…not sucking.

6. Rejected by Book Publishers & Literary Agents (2018)

7. Turned Down by HBR (2018)

8. Catching My First Wave (2018)

9. Bombing On Stage (2019)

10. Tanking on Medium (2020)

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#Founder of @CollCampus and @LemonadeStandCC. @Future_Squared #Podcast host. #Author of #TimeRich and Employee to #Entrepreneur. Visit: steveglaveski.com #MEL

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